Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Text editor

Let's speak of the text editor, the most basic of the System Software, what's the need for it and what's the GAG

The basic aim of the text editor's is that of processing the text, so in your every day life, the notepad you see is a text editor, Gedit is a text editor, Emacs is a text editor, Vim, MS Word, Open office word processsor ... any software or programme that can be used to edit or process the text is called text editor.

Mostly from the olden days to till date, these are used to write programmes by devs, which also became the basic tool for constructing different kinds of documents, that you come across in your day to day life.And mostly these come bundled with compilers and various word processing programmes.Consider the below cases as examples

  1. Visual Studio's text editor is the most robust one and user friendly built till date, since it incorporates every other system software ( except OS) in it.The best thing about it is, you need not bother about syntax errors, just like the spell checker in MS Word, it underlines when ever you do a mistake ( This is done by a special system software called interpreter that is normally absent in other editors )
  2. Open source has a small yet powerful competitor in this arena, the Vim editor, it has syntax highlighting (This is done with the help of different colours ), but no suggestions are shown as VS.And the best thing about this is it is the most powerful and fastest one, if you know the commands (Yup, faster than VS in this aspect).But it doesn't have any built in compiler
  3. Other programmes like Codeblocks, Dev CPP, Free C have the compiler functionality inbuilt into them

If you want to learn about the cool things that you can do with Vi editor (normally available in open Source OS), follow this link

Inside that there is a link for Emacs editor also

And about Visual Studio, there is a hell lot of people out there, and basically it's not a text editor, but a software to build microsoft software with ease and it has the coolest IDE on earth. If you want to learn more about it, there are official Microsoft videos available  to get you started and keep going.You can even download them, if you wish

And I presume you already know how to use a notepad :)

Let's talk about the Macro Processor in the next post