Wednesday, June 8, 2011

System Software

I am not gonna say any definition for it, since I personally don't know much about it.Here's the simple def, that came to me by experience

A System software is any software, that acts as a mediator between the kernel (Hardware part) and the user and makes their interaction easier.

Def is ok, but what in the real world does this word relate to

In the real world, it relates to the following important softwares

  1. Text editor (Notepad, Gedit, MS Word etc.,)
  2. Assembler
  3. Macro Processor
  4. Loader
  5. Linker
  6. Compiler
  7. Operating System

Most of the words except OS and Text editor, may be trivial
to you.They were trivial to me also, six months ago, but now I am a lot more confident on what each term implies and had even built the first three of the above said softwares.I want you also to do it ...

In the next post, let's discuss of the definetions of thes
e softwares and start dissecting Systems ( I mean your discriminating knowledge about them :))

Just a small exercise for you, till I post the next one, see the below picture, and keep guessing what it implies and fill the comments..