Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Systems Programming - Foreword for this blog

Well, this is kind of joke, living in the web world talking of systems programming.Yeah, I agree with you, since most of the programs and features that are available today are being exported to the cloud and there is nothing to lose or gain from your system and for a simple PC enthusiast it is of no importance. Yes, this is true.

All services are moving towards cloud.But what's the gag ???

The gag is that it is not for simple PC ENTHUSIASTS any more.How ever, the programs need to run some where, even in the cloud.This means, this topic is not going to be any more with regard to systems but should be renamed as server programming. Well, since our academic courses are not going to be changed so suddenly like the web 2.0 or 3.0 or facebook or twitter, it will take a gradual time of minimum 10 years for it.So till then we can have a cook of systems programming.

I will give small, but enough details to get you started with systems programming and at the end will give you enough details about systems software, so that finally you will create atleast two systems software in the end.