Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clusters, Grids and Cloud

Clusters, Grids and Clouds -  these are the terms that we are hearing right now at many places. What are these actually ..
First of all let me tell you about a distributed system. Here goes the def

" A distributed system is a collection of loosely coupled systems connected via communication networks "

To say in simple terms, a distributed system is a collection of computer systems that do the same work with each computer having a heterogenous or homogenous processor and memory.

A cluster is a collection of computers forming a distributed computer system connected via fast Local Area Networks.

A grid is a collection of computers which are more loosely coupled and geographically dispersed than clusters. It can be viewed as a large scale form of cluster computing.

A Cloud is a mammoth collection of computers or data centers that provide access to shared resources, applications etc., with out the need for storage or installation space or processor power from your computer. 


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