Monday, August 22, 2011

Internet bubble or dot com bubble

Today, let's speak of a partly off beat topic.

Before I start, there is a common place, where this dot com bubble happened. Many businesses were born in that area. I think it's some place in california, I am not sure. So for time being, I will use "silicon valley". 

Everyone tells you, that internet bubble got blasted in the early 2000. But no one tells you the reason, I will tell you.

" Netscape "

You may not have heard of this name, but 16 years ago (1995), it captured the whole browser market share - 100 %
I will not tell you the story, after how Microsoft introduced IE, sold it along with their OS and did some other secret things, until Netscape's market share fell to 10 % by 1999 and eventually how the company got closed.

The inventors of netscape, were just a bunch of kids from an American university, who were funded by a person, taking them to silicon valley and eventually got huge profits from it.

Ebay (1997), the same story, kid going college, starts an acutioning site, people throng to it. A venture captalist invests and finally gets profits in bulk. 
Amazon is some what a different story. It was started and run by a completely planned and business minded individual, during the Ebay time.

Amazon and Ebay, when they went for IPO, made huge profits. 
One more common thing - Both were websites. 

This has started an enormous competition among the venture capitalists, who would invest more and become billionaires overnight. And college kids, started coming to silicon valley, envisioning a future, with as simple as a website.

Yahoo's share rose like never before and a lot of websites were born, and the bubble started growing. The capitalists, in liu of the profits, forgot the term "intelligent investing" and started believing every kid, who comes to them, with a website. 

And suddenly the bubble got blasted. A lot of money evaporated, a lot and lot in stock........

This is from a single documentary I remember, from a series of four documentaries I have seen. Accurate information is available in that, and I have shared the Amazon link for you of the documentary for you. They are really excellent.

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